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Moses & Hill Attorneys at Law assists with the formation of corporations

If you’re getting ready to start a business, you want your paperwork to be in order. An experienced business formation lawyer will walk you through the entire process. Moses & Hill Attorneys at Law handles all types of business law cases to take care of your legal needs.

You’ll need to define the type of business you’re starting. Get legal assistance when you’re negotiating a commercial lease or purchase. We also represent landlords in negotiating agreements.

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We’ll do what’s best for your business

We’ll do what’s best for your business

Get legal help with financial transactions, including the purchase or sale of a business. A business lawyer takes care of the paperwork for:

  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Limited liability companies

We always keep your best interests in mind during the process. Schedule a free initial consultation with a business formation lawyer in Vernon, CT today.