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Hire a foreclosure defense lawyer in Vernon, CT

If you’re struggling to make your mortgage payments, consider getting legal help. Moses & Hill Attorneys at Law will keep your best interests in mind while offering advice on how to get your payments back on track. Our foreclosure defense lawyer is aware of many programs that can modify your payment schedule.

Once you’re involved with a court-supervised mediation program, our lawyer will represent you in court and during hearings. We offer a no-fee short sale program if you can’t get into the mediation program.

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Learn about your available options

Learn about your available options

Modification of your current payments or changing the interest rate may offer relief for your situation. We’ll discuss the possibilities for your individual situation, including:

  • Getting foreclosure hearings continued
  • Modifying your loan
  • Filing for bankruptcy

Delaying a hearing gives you time to adjust your mortgage to something more manageable. Schedule a free initial consultation with a foreclosure defense lawyer in Vernon, CT.